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Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food Review

Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food has THE YUMMIEST COOKIES EVER!! I have been longing for them since my last review a few months back and was jumping for joy when they decided to become a sponsor in our Fit for Fall event! Yay!

These aren’t your ordinary cookies! In fact, they are MUCH better tasting and healthier than the cookies you would buy in the stores.  They use real food ingredients. There’s no chemicals hidden in there and I can pronounce everything on the ingredient list. They are gluten free, cholesterol free and contain not hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Plus there is no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Its just pure, natural ingredients giving you a moist and satisfying little piece of heaven.

Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food sent me SEVEN tubs of cookies in a variety of flavours as follows:

  • Better Brownie Bite-lettes
  • Anna Banana Split
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
  • X-treme Fudge
  • Lemon-Vanilla
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Cole’s Cashew Chocolate Chip
  • Mint Double Fudge

Each tub retails for $5.99 and is 198 g (about 15 bite size cookies). They use only the highest quality of ingredients and these cookies are a little more than the store brands, but you cannot even compare the taste and experience. I think they are well worth the extra cost.

John was a man on a mission when he saw the cookies. He tore into the box right away and began sampling all the flavours! I told him to hold up because I wanted to try some too! They were all soooo good! My favourites this time were the Lemon Vanilla and Oatmeal Raisin.  The Lemon Vanilla is divine. I love the tartness of the lemon combined with the sweetness of the vanilla. They also had a hint of coconut in there which made for one heck of a good cookie.  The Oatmeal Raisin was also tasty and moist with a hint of cinnamon and juicy plump raisins. Yum!

One thing I like about these cookies is that they are small and are great if you want just a little bit of something sweet. However, its hard to stop at just one. I needed my willpower to force myself not to eat the whole tub in one sitting.

If you want to make your own wholesome junkfood, then pick up Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook. Its got some delicious recipes! I own a copy of it and have made a few recipes from it already. Try the Pecan Pie!

You can find Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food at select stores in the USA or purchase online from their site. These are cookies you are going to want to try (again and again!)

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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