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It’s been nearly 3 years since I gave birth to my daughter, yet I’m still carrying around most of the weight I gained both prior to and during my pregnancy. When two healthy, happy people enter into a relationship together, it’s easy to let the important things slip. A year or so into my dating relationship with my now-husband, I decided I wanted to lose some of the weight I gained during our first year of courtship. We were going out to eat nearly every night, and not making the healthiest of meal choices. I went from 120 lbs. to 140 lbs., and now after over three years of marriage, I weigh somewhere between 150 lbs. and 160 lbs. For a height of 5’3 , I should weigh approximately 128 lbs., give or take a few.

Stacie’s Fit for Fall program seemed a great way for me to get back into shape and shed the extra weight I’ve gained over the last few years. One of my biggest problem areas is the fat around my belly. Back in July I shared with you some products I reviewed courtesy of CSN Stores, but I saved one of the three items I requested until now because it was a perfect fit for this upcoming event.

Maybe like me you’ve been curious about the Cory Everson Waist Trimmer or similar products. In addition to home accents, school, office, and shoes, CSN Stores also has an entire section of their site dedicated to Health & Fitness. I knew I wanted to make some small lifestyle changes, and thought maybe I would find just the thing through CSN Stores. The Cory Everson Waist Trimmer has a retail value of $28.00, but CSN Stores offers it at the appealing price of $18.99.

The Cory Everson Waist Trimmer seemed like just what I needed to get back on track. It is a soft and stretchy belt that you attach around your waist and wear underneath your workout attire. It claims to help you lose water weight that sits in the waist and hip areas. It works by literally making you sweat out that excess water. After completing my first workout wearing the Cory Everson Waist Trimmer, I had no idea I could sweat that much! Just 20 minutes later I was already feeling skinnier.

A small Fitness Guide is included with the Cory Everson Waist Trimmer, offering practical eating advice, tips on how to slim down your waist, crunch exercises to perform while wearing the waist trimmer, and much more.

I am definitely pleased with this product, but after discussing it with my husband and a friend who is a martial arts expert, I began to have some doubts. The waist trimmer definitely made me sweat and I lost some water weight. As you exercise, though, you should be drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. They both pointed out to me that any water weight I would lose is going to go right back on with water I take in from food and drinking. My gal pal, the martial arts expert, even went so far as to describe it as a modern-day corset.

I’m not a fitness expert by any means, and I don’t have all the pros and cons for the regular use of a Cory Everson Waist Trimmer. I can tell you that you will sweat in places you never knew existed, and that I felt great after my workout with it. If it’s something you also want to try, consult a doctor or a fitness expert (though I would recommend not consulting a personal trainer) for the most honest assessments.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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