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Body By Vi Challenge Review

A fellow blogger friend of mine, Felissa, is currrently doing a 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. This is a weight loss challenge where you work to transform your body to a healthier state through their quick and tasty ViSalus health products, exercise videos, online tools and community. Prizes are given away every 90 days to the  people who have the best transformations. In fact, there is over $100,000 year in prizes including vacations and cruises and all for just losing weight and getting fit! Check out  the Youtube videos on Felissa’s site which gives you more detailed information on the challenge and how it all works.

The Body By Vi Challenge includes some drinks to help you reach your goal. The Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix is a protein drink that can be used as a meal replacement or as snack. Its packed with vitamins and minerals and ingredients to help you lose weight  and build muscle and its only 90 calories! I received a few sample packs in Sweet Cream flavour and holy cow is it ever yummy!!! There’s no way this tastes like a diet drink! You just mix it with either soy milk like Silk or fat free milk. We only have milk around our house so that’s what I used to mix mine up. I just added my mix to a large glass, poured in some milk and stirred it up with a spoon for about a minute. I don’t own a blender so I was worried it would be all clumpy and have chunks, but it wasn’t at all. It blended into a creamy, smooth, delicious shake.  There was no grit or bad aftertaste. In fact, when they say it tastes like cake batter, they mean it! It’s a perfect drink for those wanting something to satisfy their sweet tooth and still watch your weight. Both John and I loved it. They are quite filling and satisfied our hunger pangs.

Another product that is part of the challenge is ViSalus NEURO, an energy drink. It contains a blend of botanicals and nutrients to give you energy without leaving you feeling jittery or wired. It also has low caffeine (less than a 1/2 cup of coffee). Instead it uses a herb that has been used by Russian athletes for over 30 years called Rhodiola. It supports healthy energy and brain function. They come in Lemon and Raspberry flavours. To make it is easy. Just add your packet to about 16 oz of water (or tea, lemonade, etc). Then stir or shake it till all the crystals dissolve. I added mine to a water bottle and then all I had to do was close the lid and shake and it was ready. John also tried it and he really liked it. It was good to keep him moving and motivated as he does yard work. Now he can’t complain that he is too tired! I liked the flavour of the raspberry, but my favourite is still those delicious shakes.

Last but not least, I also the Shape-Up Healthy Flavor Mix-In.  These little packages can be added to your shakes to give it an added boost of nutrition and flavour. I received the Peach and Strawberry flavours. I like that you can customize your shakes so your taste buds don’t get bored with the same ol’ flavour. John tried the peach and said it was “good”. I really enjoyed the strawberry. It reminded me a bit like a strawberry shake.

The Challenge

Visit Body By Vi Challenge to learn more about joining up or call the ViSalus Hotline at 507-726-4010 (4 minute call). If you join the Challenge and invite 3 friends, you will receive your next month’s order for FREE and it will remain FREE as long as you have three friends taking the challenge with you.

Community Challenge Donation

Contribute to the Body by Vi Community Challenge and help them achieve their goal of providing healthy, nutritious meals to children in need. Your purchase of Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix will be matched meal for meal by ViSalus, making your generosity grow. $24.00 buy 30 children’s meals, to be matched by ViSalus.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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