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Aligned and Well’s “Down There” For Women DVD Review

I want to start off by saying thank you to Katy Bowman for addressing this little talked about women’s health issue: pelvic floor dysfunction. There is so little out there for women like me with chronic pelvic pain that its like a breath of fresh air to have an expert of her calibre guiding women to improve their quality of life.

Let me start off by telling you a bit about Katy Bowman. Katy is a Biomechanist and founder of Aligned and Well. She is an expert on human movement, a field that typically focused solely on athletes in the past. Katy decided to apply her knowledge of human movement to reducing the occurrence of common diseases.  She designed her Aligned and Well program to improve the body’s alignment which in turn’s many common conditions. It’s funny because she says that many issues that we associate with aging like incontinence are actually a result of poor alignment! I feel like she opened my eyes and I am now re-examining my previous way of thinking on these medical issues!

As I browsed through Aligned and Well’s DVD selections,  I saw one DVD that jumped right out at me. I KNEW that it was the one for me. It’s title is “Down There” for Women. I was in shock that she actually had a DVD on this subject. I have suffered for five years with chronic pelvic pain and have been searching for answers going as far to travelling to the US and seeing my doctor there and paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. I am desperate for relief.

“Down There” for Women DVD addresses the following conditions:

  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Pelvic Floor Disorder
  • Cesarean/Post Delivery
  • Sacral Health
  • Hip Health
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Incontinence

The DVD includes:

  • An introduction to any movement habits you may have that can create chronic ailments, or make them worse.
  • Five prescribed movements (Rx…ercisesTM) you can do to improve circulation, waste removal, muscle and bone strength, and overall health.
  • Additional information on simple changes you can make to your daily life for improved health – specific to your situation.

I decided to watch the DVD in full and see what it was all about first before I attempted any of the exercises. I like how Katy explains in layman terms “why” I am in the pain that I am. I was surprised to learn its actually a result of our culture and created by me. My body is all out of whack in my lower half. Nothing is working properly as a result of the way I walk, sit…basically everytime I move I am creating stress on my pelvic floor. We sit too much and don’t sit right. I know my pelvic floor muscles are messed up. I just didn’t know what I could do on my own to fix the situation. I felt helpless.

As I watched the DVD I was in tears. Not because I was sad, but they were tears because she gave me hope that I could help myself and improve my quality of life. Trust me, living in pain every single day is no way to live.  She demonstrated five stretches that will help open up and stretch my pelvic floor and improve my alignment. It’s so simple actually. I like how she explained what she was doing and what areas they were helping. I wish I had found her DVD five years ago when this mess started.

At the end of the DVD, she discusses things you can do to improve my condition as well as talking about the physics behind these exercises and these kind of conditions.

I need to do these five stretches everyday. I can feel the burn when I do them and know that my lower half is extremely tight. My muscles are tense all the time and I have a hard time letting go. I LOVE the fact that she doesn’t suggest to do kegels! I know for a fact that kegels make pelvic floor conditions WORSE! You would be surprised how many doctors tell you do to kegels! Why would you contract an already contracted muscle? It doesn’t make any sense at all. I totally respect Katy Bowman’s advice and to me, this proves that she knows her stuff!

This DVD is something I am doing religiously everyday. I haven’t had it too long so I am not pain free, but I know in my heart that my muscles are part of my pain if not the entire cause. The DVD is only 40 minutes long and part of that time is Katy’s lectures so it’s not that much out of my day to do it.

This DVD is a MUST for anyone suffering from pelvic pain. Again, thank you Katy for helping me with a problem that the medical community seems to ignore.

You can find DVDs on Aligned and Well that benefit other conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction for men, knee and hip pain, back pain, diabetes, etc. If you suffer from any kind of chronic pain or conditions, check out the DVDs and see if one is suited to you. They are worth trying!

Visit Katy’s blog or find her on Twitter and Facebook.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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