Colby’s Stroke Story & Prayer Request

In case you haven’t read my bio, my 5 year old son is a stroke survivor. We all got E.coli poisoning from a mountain river when he was two years old. The E.coli invaded his blood stream and shut down his kidneys. His blood pressure sky rocketed and he suffered a massive stroke. He went from a healthy happy little boy to one who is non-verbal, has a feeding tube and relies on us for everything. He understands you but is trapped in a body that doesn’t want to work for him.

Today he is having brain surgery. Deep brain stimulation to be exact. They will implant 8 electrodes into the center of his brain and a battery pack in his stomach in an effort to help him get relief from painful uncontrollable muscle spasms. It is the last approved medical procedure for him. We’ve tried everything else to bring him some comfort from the pain and the uncontrolled movement. Colby needs a miracle and we’re asking for help. If you could either send good thoughts or prayers our way, we would sure appreciate it. I believe in the power of both.

The surgery has a 40% success rate for secondary dystonia patients. We’re hoping and praying that Colby is in that 40%. If it were me trapped in his body I would want someone to do everything they could to get me some relief from the pain. This is why we’re going forward with it today. I’ll be updating my personal blog as I’m able. If you’d like to get updates you can see us at Amundsen House of Chaos or on Twitter. My main priority is Colby, his comfort and care so it might be sporadic updates but they will come as I am able.

If you’d like his button or wouldn’t mind asking those you know to pray for him. We’d appreciate that as well. Every good wish and prayer helps. Thank you so much for any kind thoughts you could send our way.

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Erin is an Army wife and mom of two girls and one boy who lives in Utah. I love to read, blog, and be an advocate for childhood stroke survivors like her son.

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