Book Review | You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!

Title: You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up! The Five Stages of Soul Transformation Process

Author: Michael Mirdad

My Review:

Wow, finally a book that can help to explain to people what happens to them when they go through something traumatic…or hard in any way…shape…or form! When you are stressed out, there really isn’t a book out there that can give you the amount of information that this one little book does by explaining each individual step someone goes through when you transform your life.

This is the type of book…as you are done reading it, and understanding what it is trying to tell you….that you pass on to others.  The book talks about 5 primary stages in transforming your life…each is an important part in the change process…and important to deal with. It helps to have a book you can look at to help you understand the process of it all.  I know for me, it would have been nice for me to see the process, and understand that the Empty feeling I was going through is just a “part of the process”…

Rebuilding your life isn’t easy…it is a pain in the neck frankly. You can either do it as a willing participant…or you can learn like I did…the hard way!  You owe it to your friend or family member by giving them a copy of this book….to read up on while they are learning how to rebuild. The book gives you quotes from people….and ways to help you with the rebuild process.  I look at how far I have came since rebuilding my life in Denver Colorado…I could not have gone this far without learning the principles of this book…though I would have rather had the book and learn it earlier than spend the time on it later on in life!

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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