Book Review | The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Title: The Jewel of St. Petersburg

Author: Kate Furnivall

My Review:

This is the reason I love to read historical romances! Kate Furnivall is a marvelous writer. I learned more about the Russian revolution in this novel than I did in history class (and enjoyed it much more, too!). Lady Valentina Ivanova is the daughter of a Russian cabinet minister under Tsar Nicholas. After a Bolshevik attack leaves her sister terribly injured, Valentina wants to become a nurse. Her father wants her to marry a Russian count and solidify their place in the aristocracy. She scandalizes her family by meeting and falling in love with a Danish engineer, Jens Friis. As the country falls apart around them, Valentina and Jens must find a way to be together.

You get to see both sides of the story, as Valentina wades into the poor of Russia and dances in the finest gowns at balls. The Bolsheviks, mostly underpaid and starving factory workers, are bent on bringing down the Tsar and all who support him. Their lives are miserable and they blame it all on the social elite, who flaunt their wealth and excesses for all to see. Planning assaults, assassination attempts and bombings, they are desperate people who want only the equality they deserve. Valentina has to make a choice, to stay and be a dutiful daughter or follow her heart and change her world forever. A sweeping love story, a revolution in the making and the dangers of trying to cross the boundaries of her world to aid those who would see her punished for being born to an affluent family. As Valentina tries to make her way in this confusing world, she realizes that perhaps her father is wrong and the people who make their country what it is deserve more than their disdain.

Marvelous! I hope to find the continuation of this story, The Russian Concubine, soon at my local bookstore. I didn’t want this story to end…

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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