Book Review | Stolen

Title: Stolen

Author: Lucy Christopher

My Review:

What happens when you leave on a journey and end up in a nightmare? That is the situation faced by one girl in Lucy Christopher’s novel, Stolen.

Gemma seems to be a typical teenage girl on a trip with her parents from England to Vietnam. After a “row” (argument) with her parents while waiting for a connecting flight in Bangkok, Gemma engages in a conversation with a familiar-looking young man who offers to help her by buying her a coffee. Little does she realize that this harmless conversation, in a crowded airport, will mark a lifelong change!

Gemma is drugged and kidnapped by Ty, the twenty-something drifter who, Gemma later discovers, has been watching her since she was 10 years old. He takes her to the Australian Outback because he believes she needs to be free from what he sees as a difficult and oppressive life. Gemma continually fights back against her captor. Will she succeed in finding her freedom?

This novel was really interesting to me. I thought the premise of the book was engaging and the action at the beginning of the novel, where Gemma is drugged and kidnapped, really drew me into the story. I found some of the mid-points in the novel to drag on at certain times. Gemma is the narrator of the story so, as such, she describes the physical location where she is taken in great detail and, I must admit, I found it a bit extensive at times. I also questioned Christopher’s decision to tell the story from Gemma’s point of view but her reasoning becomes obvious at the end of the novel.

Despite a few bits that dragged on for me, I enjoyed this novel. I learned a great deal about the physical aspects of the Australian Outback and I found the plot of the novel enticed me into reading more. I found the growth in the relationship between Gemma and Ty to be interesting and multifaceted and I appreciated that the novel had a complex ending.

I think this book would appeal to someone interested in the psychology of abductions or the Australian Outback. Stolen takes an interesting premise and provides some unique twists.

*I received a copy of this book from Scholastic to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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