Book Review | How To Sue A Telemarketer


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  2. I tried to sue a company that tries to retrieve unpaid debt. They were hasseling us, calling our
    home and threatening to sue us over someone else’s
    debt that either gave them our phone number or the
    company that hired them to go after the debt owed messed up and wrote our number down instead of this person that owed the money.
    They wanted my Social Security Number they said
    so they would stop calling us. I would not give
    it to them, so they kept hasseling us.
    So know what I did after seeing a lawyer and he
    wouldn’t take the case because he found out this
    company did not have enough money to go after to
    make it worth his while. I started calling that
    company back and wasting there time telling them
    I wasn’t the person they were looking for and that
    I wanted to speak to their lawyers because I was
    filing a suit with the Federal Trade Commission.
    They kept hanging up on me. I did it for about
    three months and then they finally quit calling me
    about this other persons debt.
    I filed out a form about them too with the Federal
    Trade Commission online related to telemarketers.
    Granted there not a telemarketer but they are as

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