Book Review | Accomplice

Title: Accomplice

Author: Eirann Corrigan

My Review:

I have been a reader in Young Adult heaven since I was fortunate enough to begin reading and writing reviews for Scholastic Canada. Many parents recognize Scholastic Canada from school book fairs and associate Scholastic books with books for young children. As I have had the pleasure of recently discovering, Scholastic also publishes amazing books for teens (and for adults, like me, who enjoy reading Young Adult fiction)!

Accomplice, by Eirann Corrigan, is the latest book from Scholastic Canada that I read. It does not come out until August 2010 so I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to read it before it even hti the shelves!

Accomplice has a really interesting premise – two best friends, discouraged by the idea that they need find a way to stand out when applying to college, come up with a most unique way to make their college applications memorable. Chloe pretends to be kidnapped and hides while Finn brings Chloe food and they prepare for Chloe’s eventual return. What Finn does not anticipate is the arrest of a boy that boy she and Chloe know as well as some other twists that changes the relationship between the girls forever.

I found the novel interesting – the story is told from Finn’s point of view and I like how the history of the girls, and how they come up with the plan, is developed in the novel. The twists at the end also surprised me, though it did help some of the other events take on another dimension in retrospect.

I’d recommend this novel for young adults who enjoy a fast-paced novel with interesting characters. As an adult, I found Accomplice engaging and a quick read – perfect summer reading!

*I received a copy of this book from Scholastic to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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