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A+D Diaper Rash Products Review

When you think of your top 10 “Must Have Items” for a new baby what things do you think of?  Crib, diapers, clothes, wipes, lotions, blankets, diaper cream, car seat, toys, swing are a few that come to my mind.  You tend to buy EVERYTHING for your first and take the advice of others on their favourites as well.  Babies are not cheap but well worth it!!

I was very lucky to have no major issues with Sadie and diaper rash when she was a baby.  I always used diaper creams on her and I think that helped keep the nasty rash away. I did however have many children I cared for have severe cases of diaper rash and it was not fun.  Once it came it seemed to take forever for it to go away and it was so sad because you knew the babies were uncomfortable and in pain and some of the creams would sting and burn.

My sister has been very lucky with Gracie as well and she pretty much uses the diaper cream as a preventative too so she was happy to try out the A+D Diaper Rash Ointment and Cream I received for review from Mom Central Canada. Mom Central is participating in a blog tour to get the word out to Canadians about the A+D Diaper Rash Products.

My sister really liked these 2 products. She liked how it went on smoothly and didn’t clump and it was easy to wipe off in between diaper changes.  The size of the tube was great too as some of the creams come in such BIG tubs that its hard to pack in your diaper bag or such little tubes that you are always running out.  Her husband’s only question was “If you used the preventative cream why would you need the treatment cream”  which I explained that you can but both separately for one reason or the other.  You can buy them both for $5.99 Can.  Check out the A & D website for more info.

*I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central and received a Mom Central gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.*