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Rockabye Baby Review

Do you get tired of hearing the sickeningly cute lullaby songs over and over again? I’m probably a bad mom for saying this but I get tired of listening to them. Silence in my house truly is golden because it’s so rare. So it’s not often I find something I’m willing to play just for the sake of listening to music.

The new lullaby album from Rockabye Baby has transformed Black Sabbath’s music into soothing rock song instrumentals that sound amazing! Even my husband liked it, which is saying a lot. He even said I could tell you how much he liked it!

I left it playing while we ate lunch today and we had such a nice lunch I didn’t want it to end. Even if you aren’t a fan of Black Sabbath it’s great sleepy time music. It’s also soothing as background noise. I’ll be playing it tonight for my girls to fall asleep to. The music is made up of the Glockenspiel, Mellotron, harps and bells. I’m amazed at Rockabye Babies ability to stay true to the music while turning it into lullabies. If you are familiar with Black Sabbath then you will be excited to hear the songs on this C.D. They are

1)  Iron Man

2)  N.I.B.

3)  War Pigs

4)  Paranoid

5)  Sweet Leaf

6)  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

7)  Wicked World

8)  Fairies Wear Boots

9)  Children of the Grave

10) Electric Funeral

11) Heaven and Hell

12) Planet Caravan

13) Changes

Find more information, song samples, the Rockabye Baby blog, and more at

I was provided with a free copy of the Rockabye Baby CD in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated for this review.


Erin is an Army wife and mom of two girls and one boy who lives in Utah. I love to read, blog, and be an advocate for childhood stroke survivors like her son.

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