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Do You “Love to Vacuum”?

Sometimes I think I have an obsession with keeping my house neat and tidy. I can never fully relax if it’s a mess. I know there must be others out there like me who share my cleaning passion. My friend, Angel, always gave me good advice when I was feeling bored or depressed. She would tell me to pick a spot in my house like a room or a closet and clear the clutter and organize. She was right I did feel better afterwards! It’s amazing how feeling like you have accomplished something can really lift your spirits.

One of my obsessions is vacuuming. I love seeing how clean the carpet gets and how much dirt gets picked up. Its amazing to see how dirty a carpet can be! There’s actually a name for folks like me who have a secret passion for vacuuming….yes, I am a Vachead!

In fact there is a website out there just for us Vacheads- Love to Vacuum! Eureka has recently launched this engaging social media platform to celebrate all things vacuuming and it has a tonne of cool features!

Here’s a taste of what you can find on Love to Vacuum:

  • Download vactones (vacuum ringtones) to your cell phone
  • Send V-cards (vacuum card) to your domestically challenged family members or friends (and maybe tell them its time to clean up and do their share of the housework).
  • Confess why you are a Vachead in the Confessions forum
  • Learn some vacuuming tips
  • Learn about Eureka products and rebate offers
  • Visit, LoveToVacuum Facebook Page and Twitter

While you are there, make sure to enter the Love is in the Air Contest. The Grand Prize is Zuum by Eureka Central Vacuum System, including installation, plus a maid service to clean your house so you can get away with your special someone for the afternoon (ARV $1200). I would LOVE to win this! Second prize is 5 prize packs that include a Capture Pet Lover Eureka Upright Vacuum and a fully-loaded picnic basket for a romantic picnic in the park (ARV $230). Last but not least, third prize is 5 prize packs that include a BOSS Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum and a Cineplex movie voucher for two for date night at the movies (ARV $180). Its open to Canada only (excluding Quebec) and ends August 17, 2010. Its an easy entry too so make sure you get your name in there.

I had fun picking out a V-card to send to John. He rarely vacuums and I am usually the one to do it so maybe this will get him to help. In any event, it’s a cute card that said “Vacuums are power tools too”. Very fitting indeed considering he works with power tools all day at his job as a carpenter!

I also enjoyed reading Confessions of a Vachead where people shared tidbits about their obsession. Some were quite humorous. For instance, anonymous shares, “I vacuum my son after he eats crackers” and “I’ll re-vacuum after my husband does it because he doesn’t do it right”. I can relate to the latter confession for sure!

Let out the Vachead in you and check out this fun website and celebrate all things vacuuming!

This post has been sponsored by Love to Vacuum.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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