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Different Ways to Monetize Your Blog

I have recently been experimenting with monetizing my blog and wanted to share with you some of the programs I have found so far.


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Sponsored Tweets– I’ve made over $70 and they pay via Paypal. I get emails when I have an offer and then I just login and write the tweet and submit- voila!  You can now cash out before you reach the $50 minimum, buy you are subject to a $2 withdrawal fee. I like that it also suggests the price you should charge per tweet.

My Likes I’ve made at least $40 or $50 so far. I like that they pay weekly via Paypal on any balance over $2.

Coupons, Deals & Freebie Offers

Logical Media

Logical Media- They have the most campaigns out of all the coupon sites that I am with. I try to weed through the offers and pick ones that I think would interest my readers. I’ve made a little over $40 with them over the last month or so.

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

My Savings Media- This is my favourite one out of the coupon affiliates. They have the highest quality of offers and are picky with who they work with. I actually had someone call me from My Savings Media before they accepted me. I appreciated that they took the time to check out me and my site. I have been with them about a month or so and have made about $25.

Escalate MediaI have made the least with this one. I think I have about $10. They have lots of offers though. I really like this one because its pay per click and you get bonuses for every referral. I have made about $36 so far. You just have to put the little button up on your site and when people click it to get their coupons, you earn $.

Other Affiliate Programs

Shareasale- I use this one the most and like that its easy to navigate and get your links. You can find good quality programs for quality products like Flirty Aprons. I have made about $18 with them.


LinkShare– I am new on here so I haven’t made anything yet.

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I have only just discovered these programs so I haven’t made anything yet except for $20 on Blogvertise. I still wanted to share them all with you though.

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Other Programs

Some of the other ways I monetize are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Affiliates (made a whopping $2.40)
  • Private Advertising (ads I sold myself on my blog)

What are some other programs that you use to monetize your blog? Have you tried any of these ones? If so, what are your thoughts?

Stacie Vaughan

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