Book Review | Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants

Title: Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants: Improbable Scenarios Of The Not-So-Rich And The Not-So-Famous

Author: Jeanne Kraus

My Review:

Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants.  What wonderful writing!

OK, OK, OK.  Seriously this book is a riot.  What happens when we turn 50?  Hopefully, we develop a fraction of the sense of humor of Jeanne Kraus.  Also, you start receiving mail from funeral homes, encouraging you to plan ahead.  Krauss notes, It was unanimous; the world was viewing me as ancient if the funeral homes were waiting in line for me to drop dead.  She then recounts a gynecological exam by a toupe-wearing doctor: The sight of this hairy flattened piece near my most intimate private parts makes me wonder if that is how a real merkin would look. Note to Reader: merkin is a pubic hairpiece.  I do not know why a person would own a merkin or how it is attached.  These questions and more will lead to many wasted hours of Internet merkin research.  Come on.  That’s some amusing stuff.

I spent a good bit of my reading time giggling away, like a silly 10-year-old at a slumber party. Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Wet Pants is outrageous. Krauss’ wit is clever and perceptive.  Have a few laughs; get a copy of this book and wait for the hilarity to ensue.  You won’t be waiting long.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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