Book Review | The Homecoming

Title: Homecoming, The: A Novel

Author: Dan Walsh

My Review:

Shawn Collins is a war veteran who is finally coming home at the end of WW2 to be with his son Patrick. All he wants to do is come home and heal from the loss of his wife, to recover from the war and to help his son heal as well. He wants to be a Dad.

But things don’t go quite as planned; as a big time war hero, he asked to be a part of the “war bond tour” which means he’ll have to leave his son again for a time to travel around the country telling about his experiences in the war. He needs someone to care for his son and Katherine Townsend seemed like she would be a perfect fit for the job.

Katherine and Patrick already know each other because she works for the government and had been assigned to him in the when his mom died. She is the one responsible to unite him with his grandfather{whom he had never met} until his father can get back to him. It was during that time they developed a close relationship in a short amount of time. Shawn’s feelings are a little hurt when Patrick gets really excited to learn that Katherine would be his new nanny. He did not seem to upset that his Dad is going away again.

This book is not just a “sappy romance,” but a story with real depth. Many scenes take place during combat… times when Shawn is flying and when he is with his fellow soldiers. I think it is touching, real and poignant and it will tug at your heart strings while keeping you interested from beginning to end.

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