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Title: Skin

Author: Mo Hayder

My Review:

I love a strong suspense novel and I’ve heard wonderful things about Mo Hayder’s work, so I was interested in reading her latest novel, Skin. I didn’t know anything about the plot when I was given the chance to review the book but I was interested to see what I would think about the novel.

Skin is a stand-alone novel but it obviously follows characters which have appears in Hayder’s previous work. The novel focuses on individuals involved in police work that live in Bristol – specifically Phoebe Marley (known to most as “Flea”), who is charge of the dive unit, and Detective Inspector (DI) Jack Caffrey, who has moved from London. The novel appears to pick up where the previous novel has left of as there are many references to a case that Flea and Caffrey were involved in as well as some fears that Caffrey has surrounding an African myth that he fears has come to life. There are many strange twists and turns in the novel as Flea finds herself moving from searching for a missing celebrity to having to hide the woman’s dead body and a string of deaths that look that suicides but seem to have even more sinister connections.

I enjoyed Skin – I found the characters interesting and intriguing and the premise to be fresh and engaging. I loved how Hayder was able to take a number of characters that are seemingly unrelated and weave them together into such an interesting story. I wish, however, that I had read the book previous to Skin because I think I would have gotten more from the novel if I had read its predecessor. In my mind, for example, the whole subplot about the African myth  and Caffrey’s interactions with “The Walking Man” seemed quite bizarre, but I think if I’d read the previous novels it would have made more sense to me because I would have had a better understanding of how it fit into the bigger picture and the events previous to this novel.

I would recommend Skin because I liked it but I would suggest reading Hayder’s previous books first – I think it would be worth doing so because Hayder is a great storyteller and it would add another dimension to this novel.

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*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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