Book Review | Love, Sex & Deception

Title: Love, Sex & Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating

Author: Claire and Lisa Hultin

My Review:

Love, Sex, & Deception is a collection of real-life stories of online dating experiences with author commentary peppered in.  I was not thrilled with the way the authors come off with such a tone of authority on the subject, because I didn’t really feel they had much to offer, given their comments.  They state things in generalities or make vague references such as “a study revealed,” neither of which instills a ton of confidence.  Unfortunately, there also was not much editing involved.

At first glance, this book looks like a serious source for online dating information, even if just for the sake of curiosity or entertainment.  However, that’s only the case for the very beginner.  For instance, I was quite curious to read Chapter 7, Nigerian and Russian Scammers, Hookers, and Married People That Play.  Let’s ignore the fact that any editor worth his salt would have changed that to who.  (The editor also didn’t correct mistakes like size 2-4 waste or ROLF.)  This chapter proceeds to lump together the Nigerian scammers who do the money order/Western Union trick with Russians who pose as Americans, prostitutes, and married people looking for affairs.  Interesting combination.  The Nigerian con is common (and a lot of people fall for it) but I have seen it much more as an e-mail scam or a scheme that is marketed as a job or get rich quick opportunity.  But let’s move on to the Russians.  The book states, They (sexy blonde Russian girls) are supposedly in another state, but the truth is they are in Russia.  So, the authors actually mean that there is a criminal enterprise of Russians who are pretending to be Americans, the wholesome (but having a hard time, of course) girls next door?  What about the actual Russians, who are claiming to be Russian, looking for a husband?  These women will soak their potential mate for hundreds and hundreds of dollars (through Western Union) for rent, clothing, their child, etc.  Why the authors would ignore that phenomenon is beyond me.

The mistakes are glaring.  Here’s a gem: I have seen it prescribed by both gynecologists and ministers that a little alcohol can be quite the aide in loosening one’s expressive vulnerability.  I have three issues with this statement; first, is it even a sentence?  Second, ide should be aid.  Third (I saved the best for last), what doctor or minister would advise someone to drink alcohol in order to be more vulnerable for a sexual partner?  Wow.  I also like this phrase: obtuse attraction.  An attraction that is not sensitive or observant?  Huh?  I wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbors down the street did not have some sort of swinging lifestyle!  Yeah, wrap your head around that one.

Love, Sex, & Deception was disappointing.  For me, it felt too thrown together, too sloppy, to be taken seriously.  That’s a shame, too, because the subject matter gave them so much to work with.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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