Book Review | A Tailor Made Bride

Title: Tailor-Made Bride, A

Author: Karen Witemeyer

My Review:

As the saying goes, “opposites attract,” and two people could not be more different in personality. J.T. Tucker has made judgments about Hannah Richards from the moment he met her.

Hannah is what you might call a “girlie girl” and J.T. is definitely a “man’s man.” Each portrays their stereotype quite well. She is a dress maker who he thinks is shallow~ he doesn’t need that in his life~ he wants someone who’s more concerned with the inner self rather than the vanity of outer beauty.

Hannah finds J.T. to be an arrogant grump of a man who thinks he knows her, but really he has no idea at all. It surprises her when she starts to have feelings for him and she sees a different and unexpected side of him.

Hannah decides to play matchmaker with J.T.’s sister and things don’t turn out the way she hopes. {Doesn’t she know playing matchmaker always leads to trouble!} What the reader is wondering, or at least I was, is can this new relationship between Hannah and J.T. ever go anywhere now? Family is a sensitive thing and we’re not sure how J.T. will handle her meddling even though it was done in love and concern.

I found this book fun to read and it did not take me long at all. With the 2 main characters butting heads all the time, it kept me amused the whole way through. There are both tense and tender moments throughout the entire novel and I really enjoyed it.

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