Book Prize Pack Giveaway | Benjamin Bumper to the Rescue

Title: Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue

Author: Molly Coxe

About the Book:

Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue by bestselling author Molly Coxe is a truly unique picture book that delivers a pint sized view of a larger than life adventure.  Photographs of incredibly detailed dioramas and a story chock-full of ingenious plans, humorous situations and surprising twists make this endearing tale of Benjamin, a fuzzy mouse and Bumper, his true-blue elephant friend, an instant bedtime classic.

When Benjamin and Bumper embark on a harrowing mission to rescue Benjamin’s mother, their travels take them from the floor of a wooden wardrobe, to the heights of a lofty kitchen table, through a dangerous garden path and up-up-up a castle tower to the lair of Sir Pouncelot, the book’s foppish villain. Skillfully photographed by Olivier Toppin, Cox’s uncommonly endearing felted wool characters are wonderfully alive, and her carefully gathered props of buttons, antique toys and cracked dishes are perfect for kids who delight in searching the illustrations for all of the tiny details that reveal themselves at the turn of every page.

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Stacie Vaughan

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