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Blog Spotlight | Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my!


I am running a feature spotlighting other Review & Giveaway Blogs

Today I would like to welcome Maria from Fitteds and pockets and snappis, oh my! I had a chance to learn more about her blog and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself.

My name is Maria, I’m married and I have a 5 year old daughter and a son (who will have turned 1 by the time you post this, his bday is May 23rd!)

Please tell me about your blog.

My blog started out about cloth diapers, then expanded to accessories, then I threw in a post here & there about organic foods, household products and so forth.  Before I knew it I was writing about just about anything green and eco-friendly.  My main focus is still cloth diapering though.

How long have you been blogging?

My husband and I started a blog in mid 2008 while we were building our house, but I didn’t get into my current blog until November 2009.

How did you get started?

As a new mother of two, I was starting to feel like I didn’t have anything that was mine, for me.  I was only around to take care of and clean up after other people and no one would miss me until they were hungry or the laundry and dishes started to pile up.  We were going through an especially difficult time and I had just started cloth diapering about a month prior.  I sat down one evening, signed up for a blogger blog and started typing, and typing and typing.  It has been so enjoyable and theraputic for me.  I’ve had such a blast and met some wonderful people!

What kinds of products do you feature on your blog?

Cloth diapers, accessories, earth friendly and green products for baby, kids, mom, household and more.

What was your favourite giveaway?

I’m not sure if I’ve had a favorite.  They have all been so fun!

Who does your blog appeal to?

Mostly Moms of children in diapers since cloth diapering is my main focus, but I’d say really anyone who is interested in reading reviews for natural or earth friendly products, since I do more than just baby things.

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

I’m hoping *cough cough* to be able to review newborn diapers someday.  I’ll just have to tell my husband it’s for the good of the blog, hee hee.  However, I know my son won’t be in diapers forever.  I picture focusing on potty training items, including cloth trainers, more BPA/PVC/Phthalate free toys, cups, plates and so forth.  Hopefully some wooden toys, more natural personal care and household products also.  I’m afraid I may have boxed myself in a bit with my domain name, but diapers will always be where it all started!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

I’m a total chicken and I have very thin skin.  It’s been hard to get over my fears and “pitch” myself to companies, as well as deal with rejection.  Plus constantly eyeing my numbers and comments and thinking that nobody likes me or what I’m writing.  That’s actually pretty funny since when I started writing, I never imagined anyone (other than my best friend) would read it!

What do you love about blogging?

I love writing, trying to take better photographs and trying new products.  Most of all though, I love helping other Moms and making new friends.

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?

I don’t want to offend anyone so I’ll just say yes, I have a few things that bug me, but I get over it.  😉

Do you have any advice for the readers entering your giveaway?

Just read the instructions at the bottom of my giveaway posts, I try to keep it really easy!

newbie review bloggers?

Follow your gut.  If something doesn’t feel right to you, don’t do it.

Tell me some of your favourite blogs that you read.

To quote Becky of MommyWantsVodka, it’s like you’re asking me to choose my favorite child!  I have a long list of blogs that I read and I love them all!

How can people find you?

My blog address is and I’m on Facebook at and Twitter at

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