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StarStruck Review

StarStruck: Extended Edition DVD and 2 Disc DVD + CD debuts on June 8, 2010

About the Movie:

StarStruck, a music and adventure-filled romp that hits all the right notes for kids and tweens, tells the story of Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell, Prison Break) and her older sister Sara (Maggie Castle, Time Traveler’s Wife) who are heading to Hollywood from Kalamazoo, Michigan, on a family trip to visit their grandmother. Sara is obsessed with pop star Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight, Sonny with a Chance) and hopes to track him down while in California, but Jessica could care less about the stuck-up star and would rather go sightseeing. when the sisters arrive in L.A. Sara takes Jessica on a hunt to find Christopher and a chance meeting with the star sets off a series of comic adventures that feature many of L.A.’s landmark locations. As the sisters sightsee and spend time together, Jessica gets to know the real Christopher and soon the friendship grows. Ultimately Christopher must decide what is important- being himself or becoming a movie star. Disney Channels stars Brandon Mychal Smith (Sonny With a  Chance) and Chelsea Staub (JONAS) also star as Christopher’s loyal best friend and fame-hungry girlfriend, respectively.

StarStruck: Extended Edition DVD includes the following bonus features:

  • Extended version of the movie- only available on DVD
  • More music with eight Rock-Along tracks to sing along with
  • Three hot music videos

My Review

I remember watching movies like this when I was growing up where there’s lots of singing and usually involving a famous teen star. The names of them are escaping me at the moment (a sign of my age I guess!), but they were always such fun to watch and StarStruck was no different. I can see how it would definitely be appealing to young girls and it would have been one I would have watched as a kid.

I thought it was awesome. In fact, I actually watched it twice (something I don’t normally do)! The story was geared towards the tween market with the characters being younger teens. The music of Christopher Wilde, the teen rock star that all the girls are crazy for, is very catchy in a sort of boy band way. I liked it and even John was humming the songs after the movie ended.

The character of Sara, the older sister, is hilarious. She is so obsessed with Christopher Wilde that is was funny just to watch her.  I also liked the actor who played Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight)- he is an amazing singer and made for a believable character. I can see why the tweens would like him because he is a good looking boy. However, to me being in my 30s, he looks like a little kid!!! I can see his appeal to the target audience though and think he was perfect for the role.

This is a must-watch movie if you have kids or tweens, but also one that adults can enjoy too!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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