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When  I ran across the Alyssabeth’s blog, I loved Beth’s cool and quirky ideas about vintage items and it led me to visit her Alyssabeths’ etsy store which also made me smile! Though I’m not generally drawn to vintage-style jewelry, there was something about the pieces that caught my eye and I found myself flipping through the store’s pages and finding more and more items that I really liked! I think I was drawn to it because I like things that are quirky and fun and I found that Alyssabeths’ shop embodies this aspect of my personality!

As Beth mentions on her site, her items are unique. “You purchase handmade because of the uniqueness of the product! I guarantee that each piece of my jewelry is a unique little piece of art that I have created and that is not mass produced. Materials that I use to create my jewelry are silver plate, sterling, beads, glass, collage and altered art processes, and very often vintage and antique accents.”

I began corresponding with Beth and found that she is absolutely wonderful to deal with – she is very personable and very detail-oriented, which I appreciate! Beth decided to send me 2 pieces to review – one Grande Pendant necklace and one Petite Glass Pendant from her shop.

The grande pendant I received was very pretty! I like the detail on the pendant and I loved the chain! I thought that the combination works really well!

While I really liked the grande pendant, I absolutely LOVED the petite pendant! I loved the design (with a butterfly and a design behind it) and I adored the size – it was the perfect sized pendant for me!

Beth is absolutely wonderful to deal with and her work is beautiful! I’d highly recommend her shop!

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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