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A Sassy Glass Review

You won’t find anything blah or ordinary when you shop at A Sassy Glass. In fact, I can think a few words to describe this company’s wares including fun, exciting, sexy, and bling! They have a fantastic collection of stemware charms and bottle stoppers that you will definitely want to see. I don’t think I  have seen anything quite like them before!

Products at A Sassy Glass include a Charm Collection and Bottle Stopper Collection. For instance in the Charm Collection, you can find the Girly Girl Collection which includes sparkly charms that say Classy, Diva, Princess, Queen, Sassy and Spoiled.  A set of 6 charms costs $20 and can be used on any kind of stemware (ie. wine glass, martini glass). The Bottle Stopper Collection has stoppers that look like rings (Emerald Ring), a purse and even a pink shoe!

I received two products for review from A Sassy Glass- Custom Charm Collection and a  Ruby Ring Bottle Stopper.

In my Custom Charm Collection, I got six fun charms- Princess, Flirt, Diva, Sassy, Sexy and Queen. I just love how sparkly and cute they are!!! They suit the girly girl inside me and are perfect to use when you having a “girl’s night in”! They add some bling and life to any beverage. I am a wine drinker so I put my favourite one on my glass…yes, it’s the dazzling pink Princess charm (pink is my favourite colour!).  They come in bright pink bag so after you are done using them you can stow them away for your next gathering. I would love to collect all the charms offered by A Sassy Glass. You can buy them individually for $4.25 or as part of a collection.

The Ruby Ring Bottle Stopper (ARV $25) is so neat!! I absolutely adore it and I was ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing when it first arrived. It is just soooooo pretty and must be seen in real life to be fully appreciated. It looks awesome in the pictures, but up close and personal, it looks so much more spectacular.  The Ruby just dazzles and is such a brilliant rich red colour. Rubies are my daughter Olivia’s birthstone and the colour red is the trademark Aries colour (my sign). It’s a stone of fire and passion! The intricate detail on the “ring” adds to its overall appeal. It reminds me of something royalty would wear. Someone with a big finger though since I can fit two of my fingers in there!! It also has some weight to it and  the actual stopper looks to be a stainless steel. It works great and looks fabulous in a wine bottle and is much nicer than just putting the cork back in. It comes neatly packaged in its own pretty black box and is all nestled up nicely inside. This would hands down make a WONDERFUL gift for a shower, housewarming or even as a birthday present. Throw in a set of charms  from one of the Charm Collections and you are set!

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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