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For me, being cluttered and disorganized causes me much undue stress. I always know how good it feels to clean and declutter a space. Its so nice to admire everything in its place and a place for everything.  My best friend, Angel, has to be the most organized person I know and she has it down to an exact science. Her advice when I am feeling down is to dig into a drawer or closet and clean. She is right- it does make me feel better!

I’d have to say that keeping paper like bills and letters organized is a daily chore that can pile up and become out of control very quickly. I needed  a system to control the paper chaos on a daily basis because it is huge waste of time digging through mounds of paper trying to find an insurance policy or old bill. I used to file everything in a filing cabinet when I was still married to my ex. However, the filing cabinet stayed with him and I was again without an effective system to keep track of my paperwork.

Smead has provided me with an effective solution to keeping mine and John’s paperwork organized. Our new system consists of three components- the Smead Stadium File, Smead Supertab File Folders and Smead Viewables Labelling System.

The Smead Stadium File is the perfect solution for clearing clutter from your desk or counter. It is a 12 pocket tiered expanding file that allows you to see all the categories with one glance. There’s no digging through a filing cabinet trying to find the Insurance file or the Taxes file. For me this is a great set up because its not big and bulky and fits into small face and it organizes all our bills and important papers. Filing is a breeze because you can immediately find what you are looking for. It is for letter size papers only which most of the bills are anyways. Smead Stadium File is available at Office Depot, Franklin Covey and

I also use Smead Supertab File Folders to house my bills. They are called Supertab for a reason. They have almost double the labeling area compared to a regular file folder. This allows for bigger printing on labels making them easier to see and organize quickly. I received the coloured file folders which are great. They are pretty to look at and help differentiate the individual files even more beyond their labels.  They come in manila ($11.99) and colours ($17.99) for a box of 100 folders from Office Depot, Staples and Buy Online Now.

The Smead Viewables Labeling System is so much better than buying labels and writing the categories in pen. With these labels, I can use the special Smead software to create a professional look. I love that you can choose between colours and fonts that you like to personalize it to match your style. This software will actually remember where you left off last on the label sheets so there is no waste. I remember when I worked in an office what a pain doing file labels were. I usually ended giving up and just writing the names on with a pen or Sharpie.  I love having my bills colour coded! There’s different colours for our monthly expenses, insurance, taxes, credit cards, etc. Who knew I could ever be this organized! You can find the Smead Viewables Labeling System at Buy Online Now, Office Depot and Staples.

With the help of these fabulous Smead products, it is definitely possible for you to clear the paper clutter too. It just feels so good!

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Disclosure: I received a gift card in exchange for my review.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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