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I always loved school when I was a kid and even as an adult going to both college and university, I was in my element. I probably would still be in school now if my chronic pain concerns weren’t an issue. In elementary school, I was an avid reader and often won Science Fairs, Spelling Bees and Public Speaking Competitions. I worked hard and did my best. I think that’s the competitive nature in me which always tries to be the best I can be. Even in high school, I continued on with keeping good grades and maintaining a high academic average. I hung around with friends who had the same goals as me and we would often pull all-nighters doing our homework. My friend Tina and I would stay up doing Chemistry and Finite Math until dawn and we were both so tired we couldn’t see straight!! Oh those were the days!!

I give my mom credit for instilling in me my love of learning. My mom used to read to me CONSTANTLY when I was little.  She said I was a very demanding kid and always wanted to be read to. My mom said she used to try to skip pages, but that I always knew when she did it and told her to go back and read it again!! My mom taught me to read even before I started school and that love for reading has stayed with me to this very day. I would have to say she was my first teacher and the very best! Reading brings me such joy and is still one of my favourite activities (and shopping for books- yes, I am addicted!). My mom tried to teach me a few other skills like sewing and crocheting, but crafts were never my strong suit. My sister can do both, but I lack both the talent and the patience.

Both my girls are in elementary school and it has certainly changed since I was there in the 80s. Technology is everywhere and its getting more and more advanced each year. When I was in high school, I still typed up my essays on a typewriter whereas now everyone has a computer! There’s actually a new technology out there called The SMART Board from SMART Technologies and they have developed an amazing interactive whiteboard for classrooms.  Visit Youtube and check out The Magical Classroom video. It’s very cool!

I encourage you all to join the SMART Love of Learning Facebook group and enter to win a SMART Board interactive whiteboard for your child’s school or the school of your choice. There’s also a Parent’s Toolkit that gives tips on how to raise money for you to get a SMART Board interactive whiteboard for your school. I think its really neat and know that any school would benefit from this technology!

Disclosure: I am participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central Canada and received a gift card for my participation.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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