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Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign

Pedigree has just kicked off their third annual Pedigree Adoption Drive Campaign to raise awareness about dogs living in shelters and raise money to help them out. Its a worthwhile cause and one that I fully support. All the dogs I have ever owned have always felt like a part of the family. I also wanted to mention that statistics show that although Canadians believe its important to support local shelters, the majority aren’t doing anything to support dog shelters in their community.

Tomorrow (June 5th) the Pedigree Adoption Campaign team will be in Halifax, NS as part of a cross country tour. They will be visiting other major centres across Canada too. If you are a dog owner in the Halifax area, then you should definitely go tomorrow! They will be at Victoria Park from 8 am to 6 pm and you will be able to get free Pedigree treats for your pooch. Plus there will be art displays showcasing a dog’s journey from the shelter towards adoption. The president of the Yarmouth SPCA and the manager of the Cape Breton SPCA will also be there to meet with people who are interested in learning how they can help shelter dogs in their community.

So in summary…Pedigree Adoption Campaign- June 5th-8 am to 6 pm- Victoria Park– Halifax- Bring your dog and show your support!


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