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Hatley Review

I had the opportunity to read and review an amazing book called Big Bear Hug which introduced me to some absolutely adorable characters! It also gave me the chance to check out the Hatley website, which is the home of this book and many other cool products!

Because I love the characters that I met in Big Bear Hug so much, I was really excited to have a chance to try out one of Hatley’s tshirts with one of these great animals on it! It was really hard to choose because I liked so many of them, but I finally decided to get a tshirt with the Moose on it. I thought it was really funny because it has mug shots of the moose on it and says “America’s Moose Wanted”! I knew my family would get a giggle out of the America’s Moose Wanted T-Shirt as well!

My shirt arrived in the matter of a few days (which really impressed me) and I was really pleased when I saw the quality of the shirt! I loved the fact that the cotton is really soft and stitching is reinforced – I find that tshirts without reinforced stitching will unravel easily but I know that won’t be the case with this one! I also liked the contrasting coloured stitching on the shoulders, sleeves and hem because I thought it added to the look of the shirt and gives it a polished look to it – something you don’t often find in a tshirt!

I also liked the fit of the shirt because it was baggy without being huge and it had some structure to it.

I was already a fan (both in real life and on Facebook) but now I’m an even bigger fan of Hatley! I’ve already gone looking through the site to see what items I can buy for my family (my dad would love the “Size Matters” tshirt and I think my brother would get a kick out of the “Guitar Hero” tshirt. Hatley is one of my new favourite online stores!

*I was not financially compensated for this review. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*



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