Book Review | How to Lose a Client

Title: How to Lose a Client: A Kate Williams Mystery

Author: Becky A. Bartness

I know I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that (a) I’m always worried when I read a book in the middle of a series that I’m going to get frustrated because there is too much backstory or not not enough backstory and (b) that I love quirky characters. I just finished reading How to Lose a Client by Becky A. Bartness and I was pleased that I didn’t have to worry about (a) and that there was a whole lot of (b) in this novel!

How to Lose a Client is the third book in the Kate Williams mystery series. The novel provides a little bit of Kate’s background so it is easy to understand how she has landed in her present situation but it doesn’t take over the whole novel. Kate had been a defense attorney who moved to Phoenix to start anew and took a job at as a prosecutor only to uncover corruption in the city. At the beginning of the novel she has opened her private practice as a defense attorney once again and has an intriguing cast of characters working for her.

Kate meets a local prostitute (at a hair salon) who passes on Kate’s name to her madam. Tangerine, the madam, hires Kate to represent her business and all of her “Care Bares” (prostitutes). Kate then finds out that Tangerine’s previous attorney has turned up dead and thugs are looking for Kate to steal the USB Tangerine has given her that she believes contains Tangerine’s “little black book”. These events mark the beginning of a weird and wonderful mystery full of twists and turns with an ending I never would have anticipated!

I really enjoyed this book – I started reading it last night and found myself staying up until 3 am because I wanted to see how it ended! I loved the cast of characters that Bartness has created – Kate Williams is funny and her team of friends, neighbours and employees (which includes her cross-dressing neighbour, her bohemian paralegal and her sheriff boyfriend) add an entertaining dimension to the novel. All of these aspects, along with a great storyline, add a dimension to the novel and make it stand out from your standard mystery novel.

The only criticism is have is that there does need to be some extra proofreading done in this novel. There are a few typos (a “his” instead of “this”, Tangerine’s name spelled without a capital letter at the end of the novel and a couple of other things) which need to be corrected. Other than that one minor element, I absolutely love this novel and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries with some humour to add another dimension to the story!

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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