Book Review | Adulation

Title: Adulation

Author: Tiana Wilkins

Book Description:

Two years after her father’s tragic death, Cassie Daniels’ life has turned into a daily strife of grueling chores and catering to her evil widowed stepmother Eunice.  With her two daughters, Crystal, who’s just as mean and wicked as her mother, and Megan, the complete opposite, Cassie deals with it to her best; all the while doctoring a near depleting stomach condition.

When her Algebra teacher offers free lessons from his nephew Kevin, things suddenly start looking up for Cassie.  The two of them share a distinct connection, and it eventually turns into a romantic relationship.  After a sudden medical scare, a light that was once dimmed inside Cassie has now been turned on, causing her stepmother to slowly deteriorate from all around her.  Through the love each of them have for each other, a tragedy occurs that tests the boundaries of adulation everyone has for one another.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohia, Tiana Wilkins has always had a passion for books and the craftsmanship of writing.  Adulation is her first novel.

My thoughts:

This is a modern day Cinderella story in all it’s gory.  It lacks morals and innocence as teenagers have sex all the time and there is teenage pregnancy.  I was not a fan of that but I understand in this day and age, it’s common for teenagers to have sex especially if their home lives are not the best.  If that does not hang you up, it is an interesting and touching story.  I wanted to throttle the stepmother, Eunice, and the stepsister, Crystal, at times.  I felt so many emotions during the novel: pain for Megan and Cassie; anger toward Eunice and Crystal, love for Kevin, and eventually caring for what happens to every character.  Tiana Wilkins is a great storyteller, making me feel like I was a direct witness to this ordeal and feeling what the characters feel.  I enjoyed this easy to read, captivating story.

Disclaimer: This book was provided for review. I was in no way compensated for this post. Everything written is my own thoughts and feelings. Thank you!


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