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I honestly believe that laughter truly is the best medicine. For people who know me, I am constantly laughing and grinning and I think it makes me a healthier, and happier, person. I’m always amazed by the number of people who are surprised that I am a librarian because they think that I don’t fit their preconceived stereotype of a quiet, somber woman who constantly frowning and saying “SHHH” to everyone who even speaks above a whisper!

I have to admit, however, that there are times when I’ve wondered if it was just me, or are there other librarians out in the universe who have a sense of humour?

Thanks to CafePress, I have learned that not only is okay to have a sense of humour, but CafePress provides many different personalized ways to express how you feel. From t-shirts to buttons and magnets to tote bags, I was amazed at how many different options there were available! You can find millions of personalized gifts at CafePress for any topic, interest, or brand!

When I looked around Cafepress, I quickly discovered that I could type any term into the search feature and it would bring up all the items that matched my search. After typing in “librarian”, I found more items than I ever could have imagined!

After mulling over all the amazing choices (which ranged from funny to political to promotional), I was finally able to narrow down to three tshirts I loved! I could have easily chosen another dozen, though, because there were so many great options!

When my shirts arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality and fit! One of the tshirts (the “This is how I roll” that, I must admit, is my favourite!) is a decal on my shirt while my “Librarian – the Original Search Engine” shirt and my “Do You Know Where Your Library Books Are?” shirt do not seem to be decals but are, instead, seem to be part of the fabric itself. I loved the softness of my all shirts and I thought they all fit really well!

Since I started wearing my tshirts out and about, people keep commenting on how cute they are and asking me where I got them! With the variety of items available and the high quality, I’ve always started looking at more items to get from CafePress!

*I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a sample of the product to try and provide an honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way.*

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Susan is married and lives in Ontario, Canada. She is loves to read, work out, spend time with her family and try new things!

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