Build a Beautiful Blog Week | iDesign Giveaway

A sample from the portfolio of  iDesign:

Jessica, owner of iDesign, has excellent advice for someone who is considering a blog makeover – “Look at other sites and get ideas of what you want.” The blogging community is a great place to start when deciding the style and type of blog design that you would like. If you find other blogs with content in the same areas of interest, you may find ideas of how to present your own style. What blogs do you like to read? What makes them attractive or easy-to-read? Jessica’s goal is to bring out your personality and communicate it to your readers through your blog.

When we asked Jessica to describe herself and her work, this is what she told us. I am “a mom, wife, blogger, and graphic designer. Years ago I pursued graphic design in college and received a degree in it. I have always only done design as a hobby. After being recently laid off I decided to put my love to work. They say the best job is one that is your hobby. I enjoy seeing graphical creations.”

It struck me immediately how different all of the designs are in Jessica’s portfolio. She is communicating the personality of her client, not her own. Here’s another of her creations:

The lucky winner will receive either of these packages depending on their blogging platform.

Package B – $100 Blogger Redesign; Custom Header; Matching Button with grab code; Matching Signature; Favicon; Background; 4 Sidebar Titles; Custom Fonts; Graphical Navigation Buttons; Customization of theme

Package C – $150 WordPress Redesign; Custom Header; Matching Background; Matching Button with grab code; Matching Signature; Favicon; Installation of theme of choice; 4 Sidebar Titles; Edits to theme to match header design; Installation and set up of 5 plugins (including those required for the theme)

Giveaway closed.

Stacie Vaughan

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