Build A Beautiful Blog Week | Blue Yonder Design Giveaway

Introducing Jen, from Blue Yonder Design:

“My name is Jen Shepherd and I love blog and website design.

For the last ten years I have worked with web design and customization. I work with HTML, XML, PHP, Java Script, and Flash and typically use Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop to create my images and designs.

In my designs I use my own hand drawn illustrations, modified istock pictures and illustrations, as well as my own photography. I have a digital SLR (Nikon D50) and photography is one of my hobbies. My husband and I love to travel and so I am lucky enough to have pictures from all over the world to choose from.

I am very familiar and work extensively with ecommerce development platforms such as OS Commerce, Zen Cart and Freeway. I have developed blog sites on Blogger, Blogger Beta, WordPress, and TypePad. I have also used to develop and manage non-blog sites.

I also LOVE working with my clients. It is the highlight of my day when I am able to work with a client to produce a design that is truly them.”

From the gallery at Blue Yonder Design:

If you’re like me, you wonder about how people find the interesting names for their businesses. Why Blue Yonder Design?

Jen answers that question in her “About” page. “Well, my husband and I love aviation and even own a small flight school. I also design clothing for women and children involved in aviation (Blue Yonder Girl). The term Blue Yonder refers to the Wild Blue Yonder the sky. It is what we love and where we feel comfortable 🙂 “

Win this prize: One lucky reader will receive a free blog button to match their current (or new) design from Blue Yonder Design.The button can be used on any platform (value $30).

Giveaway closed.

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