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Blogging Pet Peeves

Blogging Pet Peeves
Awhile back, I posted a question on Facebook to find out what your blogging pet peeves were.  It was such an interesting and informative discussion that I wanted to share it with my readers on my blog. Here’s a list of what my Facebook fans said were their top blogging pet peeves:
  • Music on blogs
  • Large pictures with tiny words you can barely read
  • Captchas on comments
  • White text on black background
  • Huge blocks of text with no spacing for paragraphs
  • Emoticons and Text messaging spelling (ie. lol)
  • Too many ads/buttons
  • Hard to read colour schemes
  • Clutter
  • Rants and all the posts are complaining about one thing or another
  • Two step commenting (ie. you enter a comment, then have to wait for the page to reload again to put in the captcha)
  • Blogs that are just a daily journal with no humour
  • Making it mandatory to follow to enter a giveaway
  • US only giveaways
  • Putting Google Friend Connect on the bottom of your page or not having one at all
  • Google Adsense within the posts themselves
  • People who don’t have their blog or email in their Blogger profile so you have no way to contact them
  • Images that take too long to load
  • On WordPress, when you are doing multiple comments and you get the warning to “Slow down! You are commenting too quickly”.
  • Flashing backgrounds
  • Long posts
  • Putting only 2 posts per page to up the clicks OR putting up 5 or more posts per pages so it takes forever to load
  • Making the reader leave your blog to find out what you are talking about- ie. I really want to have this (and then you click on this and it takes you somewhere else). Just say what this is so we don’t have to leave!
  • Poor grammar and spelling

Wow, that’s quite the list!! I’ll share with you my own personal list of blogging pet peeves (in no particular order):

  • Music on blogs: I jump every single time and if I reading a blog at night, I usually end up waking John up.
  • Two Step Commenting: You put your comment in and then think you are good to go and then hit enter. The page refreshes and brings you to a word verification to type in and then hit enter. Only then is your comment submitted. It just saves so much time without word verification! I know its there for spam, but if you get the comments in your email, you can easily delete them when you see the spam. It’s also frustrating to enter giveaways with this commenting system. I often will only do one entry and not even bother with doing the multiple entries because of the word verification.
  • US Only Giveaways: Just because I am a Canadian and wish the giveaways were open to us too!!
  • No Google Friend Connect: Signing up for a Following meme and then not even having a Google Friend Connect widget on your blog.
  • Blogs with No Way to Subscribe by Email: I LOVE reading blogs in my email since my Google Reader intimidates me (way too many blogs in there!). If I get the email newsletter, I will never miss a post. I usually miss them in Google Reader.
  • Not Shipping to Canada: When I get pitched for a product by a company or PR and go through the motions of setting up the review and giveaway and THEN they tell me they won’t ship to me in Canada! It says in my About section that I’m Canadian. I miss out on many wonderful opportunities. However, now I have a US reviewer who can take them so my readers can still benefit from the review and giveaway.
  • Lack of info on Giveaways: Giveaways that don’t say who can enter (ie. US, Canada, Worldwide) and don’t give an end date.
  • Paying for Shipping: Companies that send review products COD or ship the giveaway products with the review items. Shipping to giveaway winner can get costly!

These are all minor gripes of mine and I have way more positive things to say about why I love blogging (my readers, my fellow bloggers, trying new products, sharing information), but that is another post for another time! I’d love you to share some of your blogging pet peeves? What kinds of things annoy you in bloggy land?

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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