Book Review | Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Title: Sh*t My Dad Says
Author: Justin Halpern

My sides hurt. I know, that is a bit of a strange way to start a book review, but they do. They hurt – they hurt a lot. The reason that they hurt, however is all good. I just finished reading Justin Halpern’s book, Shi*t My Dad Says and my sides are aching from laughing so hard. I was laughing so hard at various points in book that my partner actually went into the other room and shut the door so as not to hear me laughing like crazy!

I have to be clear – Sh*t My Dad Says is not a book about political correctness. There is a lot of swearing in it (A LOT!) but the sentiments expressed by Justin’s dad in the book are well worth getting through the “F” word!

Justin started writing about the things his dad said on Twitter. I have followed him ( ) for about a year and would find myself howling in laughter at the tweets which were quotes from his dad. I was hoping that the book would be, at least, as funny as his tweets.

The fact that my sides hurt is a testament to how funny the book truly is. The book is divided into anecdotal stories from Justin’s memories with his dad and then each chapter is followed by a couple of pages of quotes made by his father.

Some of my favourites?
On My Brother’s Baby Being a Little Slow to Start Speaking –
“The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain’t like he knows the cure for cancer and just ain’t spitting it out.”

On Being Lonely and Having Trouble Making Friends –
“Have you tried going out to places, talking to people, making an effort?…Bullshit. Talking to someone in a Jiffy Lube waiting room is not making an effort.”

What I enjoyed about this book, as well, was how Justin gave some glimpses into his father’s nature and some of the things that his father did which reveals his kind nature behind his gruff exterior. In one chapter, Justin talks about how his father, while acting as Justin’s Little League coach, would give another boy a ride home. When a parent on another team heckles the boy during the game, Justin’s father searches him out and tells him to lay off the kid, revealing that the boy’s homelife is terrible. It is in these types of moments that it becomes obvious that Justin’s father isn’t just a gruff guy whose comments make for great one-liners — he is also a man who cares about others.

I enjoyed this book even more than I could have imagined! I’m so glad I had the chance to read it and, if the rumours are true, I am looking forward to a sitcom based on the sh*t that Justin’s dad says!

*I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a free copy of the book to read and provide an honest review of its contents. The opinions are entirely my own and may not reflect your own opinion upon reading the book.*

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