Book Review | Manual for Living

Title: Manual For Living: Reality: A User’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

Author: David Chernoff

My Review:

I have to admit, within the first few pages of David Chernoff’s Manual for Living, I almost put the book down because I sensed it was going to be full of New Age-ish feel-good catchphrases. I stuck it out when I hit the first chapter, Death, which stated, I am dying. You are dying in fact we are all dying. Yes, we are. Right now in this very moment, we are dying.

Nope, I hung in there. I remained patient and kept reading and, moments later, I was rewarded. I got to the section on Fear of Death, which addresses whether fearing death achieves anything, whether we can honestly experience life if we’re in constant fear of death, and, finally, what it is that we actually fear. This got my attention — and the book held onto it from that point. It discusses the importance of living in the present, perception, simplicity, change, and balance, to name a handful.

For me, the most poignant and relevant sections of the book were those that dealt with releasing the past and not stressing over the future, in order to be fully present to the magnificence of the moment.

This is a valuable book, one that you won’t read once and leave sitting on your bookshelf. It is meant as more of a reference, a book you look to for guidance and encouragement to cut through the garbage so that you can be at peace with yourself (and those around you) and live your life to the fullest each day. You won’t go wrong with Manual for Living, and it would be a wonderful and appropriate gift for someone who is stuck in a rut or dealing with difficult times.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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