Book Review | Hazardous to My Health The Marlboro Man I Knew

Title: Hazardous to my Health The Marlboro Man I Knew

Author: Marcia N. Hill

My Review:

After recently reading another true story that involved kidnapping and abuse, I was leery, at first, to read Hazardous to My Health: The Marlboro Man I Knew by Marcia N. Hill. I knew that it was an autobiographical story about Marcia Hill’s experience in an abusive relationship with a man who had been one of the stars of the Marlboro Man photo ad campaigns in years gone by. Marcia’s story focuses on the kidnapping of herself and her children, the torture and abuse that she suffered at the hands of this man (Claude Hall) and how she eventually was able to break away from him and find freedom for her family.

As difficult as the subject was, I enjoyed reading this book. I found it easy to read and follow, the ideas clear and the storyline relatively straightforward. I liked Marcia’s writing style and the fact that she occasionally reflected back on memories from her youth that connected back to her life story. It was interested because I tend to think in that manner – one event will remind me of something that happened when I was younger – which is why I probably enjoyed this aspect of the book.

The only aspect of her story that I found difficult to understand was how and why Claude chose to kidnap Marcia and her children in the first place. It was obvious that he was obsessed with her, given the things that he did over the years, but I would have thought that somewhere along the time Marcia would have been able to find out what made Claude chose her from all the other single women, or single mothers, that he could have kidnapped. I did find that part of the story a bit confusing.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and her life story was interesting. I was really surprised by the last chapter and the epilogue of the story. I am glad that Marcia lived to write this story and that she seems to have found peace with the horrible things that happened to her at the hands of Claude Hall.

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