Book Review | SteamPotVille

Title: SteamPotVille

Author: Steve Ouch

About the Book:

One part Where’s Waldo, two parts I Spy, and three parts Monty Python: pop them in a blender, hit spin, and you get the topsy-turvy world of SteamPotVille! Everyday in SteamPotVille is extraordinary cats are mooing, monkeys are riding on horses, and cows are flying through the air! Each spread showcases a unique, lush, never-before-seen landscape that draws one into this magical town. Readers will be enchanted to visit the pages again and again looking at the eye-popping artwork. At the end of the book, children are invited to become residents of the town and to revisit the pages looking for hidden animals, objects, and people. But is SteamPotVille just a dream or does it really exist?

About the Author:

Steve Ouch has a degree in international business and currently works as a social media consultant. He has worked with Intel, Twitter, and Facebook leading social media campaigns. He has a strong web presence and summer 2009 he made monthly movies for Ford’s viral video campaign while traveling around the country to promote the Ford Fiesta. In May 2008, he self-published SteamPotVille. Ouch lives in Portland, Oregon.

My Review:

Sadie and I loved this life like book of wonderfully illustrated pictures. You don’t even have to read the story every time you open the book…you can play hide and seek and find different pictures all the time. The story is wonderful as well. I am a big fan of rhyming stories…they have a certain flow to them I enjoy. I love the mix of real pictures and cartoon like pictures. It really is a neat book and would make a wonderful gift for the special girl or boy in your life. Although it was independently published in 2008, it’s been reworked for the new release from Running Press Kids. The book retails for $15.95 US and can be bought on Amazon, Chapters and Barnes and Noble to name a few. For more information please visit

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*