Book Review | Christian Encounters Jane Austen

Title: Jane Austen (Christian Encounters Series)
Author: Peter Leithart

My Review:

I have always been a fan of Jane Austen’s novels so I jumped at the chance to read a book which might divulge a little bit about her… I find it fascinating to hear about these famous people and wonder how their minds work to some degree. This book is one of a series of books highlighting the lives of such famed people as Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton and Saint Patrick.

Jane Austen died almost 200 years ago according to this book, but her material remains to be some of the most popular to date. So many of us have collections of her works and have indulged in viewing so many of the movies that have been taken from her writings.

Jane was the daughter of a pastor and had a very strong spiritual upbringing and not surprisingly this led to her utter devotion to the Christian faith as well. Dr. Leithart discusses many things about how her faith led the way in her writing, how in love she was with God and many other things you may not have known about her.

I shall close now so as not to give away to any of Jane’s “secrets.” Great little book… I think I would like to try reading more from this series.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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