Book Review | Cecil Learns to Smile by Charlotte Bucher

Title: Cecil Learns To Smile
Author: Charlotte Bucher

Book’s Description:

This endearing story is about a small frog who is being teased and taunted for being different, in Cecil’s case, for being so small. His mother attempts to hide him away to end the teasing. At the top of his tall tree in the middle of the rain forest, Cecil grows very lonesome. There is no one to play with or to visit.

One day a TV cameraman strolls into the forest and starts talking with Cecil. Cecil tells him that he is very lonesome. He even sheds a small tear.

The cameraman says “Let me take your picture with my camera. I can show it all over the world, for I am a TV cameraman. Perhaps some of your brothers, sisters. and cousins will come to visit you.” The little frog croaked “okey dokey.”

Then the cameraman begins the process of teaching Cecil how to smile and telling him why SMILING IS IMPORTANT.


My Review:

The illustrations are colorful and cute. I read Cecil Loves to Smile with my 2 year old son; he likes pointing out the frogs in the picture but the book was a little wordy for him. He did not understand the little jokes/ cute things in the text like older children would. Amazon says it is for ages 9-12 but I think that kids around 5 years old will like it also. This is a wonderful storyline to teach about smiling and community. Everyone needs friends and family to be happy.

About the author:

The author/illustrator Charlotte Bucher, is a Colorado native. She began writing at the age of 16 when she wrote a weekly column for her hometown newspaper. She also wrote an advice column in her high school newspaper, and later served as editor. She graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in business and an emphasis on advertising. She has travelled extensively with her husband of 55 years. She is enriched by four children and four grandchildren. Char earned certification in decorative art which she taught for 28 years and in botanical illustration. She now plans to combine her two lifelong interests by writing and illustrating children’s books. Cecil is her first.

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Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was involved.


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