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Pull Ups Potty Dance Blog Tour

We were very lucky with Sadie and her potty training. I had brought the potty out after Christmas when she was about 19 mths old and had it in the bathroom. She would sit on it before bath time or whenever she wanted to. I left it in the bathroom though and didn’t drag it everywhere she was. I bought 1 bag of Pull Ups in April, about a month before she turned 2. She has been waking up from her naps and night time sleeps dry so I knew it was time. I used panties on her under her pull ups at first and when we were out and about. I wanted her to be able to feel the pee and get use to the feeling. She did well with them and didn’t have too many accidents. I did let her have her pooh in her diaper as she had a sensitive bowel and I didn’t need that to resurface. About a week after her birthday she was trained. No more diapers or Pull Ups were needed during the day. I used them at night for about the first 6 mths due to her being in a crib and not being able to use the bathroom in the night by herself. So yes…I was a very lucky mommy to have such a short training experience with Sadie.

Being a Nanny I have had to train quite a few kids and I must say I find girls easier then boys. Maybe because I am a girl and know how things work…I really don’t know. I did use smarties as rewards at first and then only for poohs and then eventually she was a big girl and didn’t need any smarties..although at times she thought she did. We were very excited and did the pee and/or pooh dance to get her excited about using the potty. Now at almost 3 she is a pro…no more diapers, Pull Ups, or potty…just the family toilet.

Here are 2 videos you might enjoy watching of celebrities enjoying the potty dance with their kids. One is of Jessica Holmes ( and the other of Tracie Melchor ( They are cute and fun to watch. Sadie loves the Potty Dance commercials and we often dance together when they come on.

Potty Training is just another one of those things in the book of parent hood that we have to check off but it is rewarding and can be lots of fun. Don’t sweat over it and think of those 5 little words that are going to make you smile when do check it off the to do list…”I’m a Big Kid Now!!!”

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