Book Review | Silent Scream by Karen Rose

Title: Silent Scream
Author: Karen Rose


Publish Date: 6/1/2010
Price: $7.99/$9.99
ISBN: 9780446538367
Pages: 608

About the Book:
When a teenage girl dies in a suspicious fire, Detective Olivia Sutherland is assigned to track down the arsonist. Then she discovers something more sinister: a vicious blackmailer who preys on young people and murders without hesitation. Making her work even harder is sexy firefighter David Hunter. He’s not only sharing the case but sparking memories of their long-ago night of passion, when feelings were left unspoken and hearts were broken.

David has his own ghosts, and a million regrets. But while he and Olivia try to face the wall of pain between them, a diabolical puppet master is pulling strings to make a group of twentysomethings do his bidding. Soon Olivia and David are scouring the city for a calculating criminal who seems tantalizingly close–and is moving in for the kill.

My Review:

Because I take seriously my responsibility to you, dear reader, I read every single word of Karen Rose’s 570-page novel Silent Scream. It wasn’t exactly easy.

I found the characters (the overwhelming majority of the l-o-n-g cast of characters) formulaic, the dialogue cheesy, and the plotlines (there are many) over-the-top. The pages are chock-full of ominous indications of deep, dark secrets. That might be a cheap trick, but it sure is an effective one. You will find yourself reading and reading (and reading some more) to reach the moment of revelation, which, inevitably, will have you reading to the end.

The star-crossed lovers were a likable pair. But their storyline bordered on the absurd; they spent one night together, he so inebriated he had no recollection of what took place, including his calling out another woman’s name. She took that so personally that she snuck out of his bed and kept her distance for two and a half years. Even though he moved from Chicago to the Twin Cities to be near her. Two and a half years. Oh, yes, he’s a fireman and she’s a homicide detective, so they do cross paths on occasion. And he trains at her best friend’s dojo. And his colleague was best friends with her former fiance. Come on now. Once they had the talk, they fell right into bed with each other.

There are a lot of those types of complicated connections between characters and, truth be told, it was hard to keep track of them. Adding to that is the sheer quantity of characters in this book; some are nothing more than a name, some are stock characters whose predictability is right out of a soap opera.

That being said, it wasn’t exactly hard to read, either. Honest. It was one of those novels that borderlined on being a guilty pleasure. It was capably written and certainly had twists and turns. But the amount — and the extent — of those twists and turns will have you rolling your eyes from time to time. (Other eye-rollers: the use of the pain killer Percocet as an IV drug, the dialogue written like this, Shut. Up. And. Drive. in an effort to be dramatic, and sex scenes that seemed to be right out of How to Write Erotica 101) There are two main bad guys in Silent Scream, which is part of the plot twist. One is a bad guy from the beginning, but you don’t know his identity. The other bad guy is a steady character whose evil side is not revealed until late in the novel. So, you have to give Rose credit for that crafty storytelling.

In the end, though, you might find yourself shaking your head, because the story is ultimately hard to believe. Of course, if you’ve spent any time watching a daytime drama, you’re used to that. And apparently you enjoy it on some level, so this book will be right up your alley.

*I received no monetary compensation for this review. I received a free copy of the book to read and provide an honest review of its contents. The opinions are entirely my own and may not reflect your own opinion upon reading the book.* 


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