Book Review | My Heart and Soul by Marilyn Randall


Title: My Heart And Soul
Author: Marilyn Randall

My Review:

I normally do not read poems, but this book called out to me, especially having gone through the difficult things that I have. Everyone deals with pain differently some drink, some do drugs, some over-eat, some are gamblers, and others mask it by being angry. It is how you deal with the things you have going on, to cause you to be that person in the first place that truly matters.

Marilyn wrote some of the most heartfelt poems that I have ever read; she certainly has a beautiful way with words. I am not sure if I could pick out one that I like the most, out of all that she wrote. What I got out of her words, is a person that has a talent for putting words out for others to see and think about.

Reading these poems helps me to see that anything artistic truly will help you to heal from bad experiences. I scrapbooked Marilyn wrote poem others will paint and others will draw. Poems are something I can never do well, but I do write well! I like how her poems truly make you think about perspectives and thoughts you normally will not talk about! A great read!

This is my own honest opinion about My Heart and Soul by Marilyn Randall.

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