Book Review | Jane Slayre by Sherri Browning Erwin

Title: Jane Slayre
Author: Sherri Browning Erwin

Jane Slayre is a lot of things. It’s quaint, it’s clever, it’s compelling. It was, for me, a pleasant surprise, given that I am neither a fan of the classics (like Jane Eyre, for example) nor the new wave of vampire novels. Jane Slayre is a book that will hook you — as it did me — from the opening pages.

This book doesn’t drag or keep you hanging on, hoping for some hint of the paranormal. Oh no. You’re dealing with death, decapitation, dismemberment, and the undead from page one. Diminutive Jane is being raised (tolerated, really) in a household of vampires, her aunt and cousins. She is forced to fend for herself and fight off brutal attacks (bites) at the hands (fangs) of her never-sated cousin. She is then shipped off to an institution for girls, which Jane learns is a breeding ground for zombies. When the zombies begin to revolt, Jane saves the day, expertly swinging her sword, lopping off the heads of the undead. After all, it’s her destiny, for Jane is a vampire slayer.

If you’re thinking that this sounds outrageous or preposterous or downright silly, don’t. The charm of this book is its believability. The story of Jane Slayre is beautifully understated yet creatively expressed. At no point did I shake my head or laugh off dialogue or events they all flow effortlessly throughout the novel. I was surprised at how zombies and vampires could be written about in a subtle manner, but they are, time and again. In fact, when Jane began beheading her zombie classmates, I had to stop and re-read a few paragraphs to make sure that I was comprehending what I was reading. Sherri Browning Erwin’s talent for weaving every facet of the story together — without bordering on the absurd or the overly dramatic — is beyond reproach.

This book is a treat. You might not have much uninterrupted quiet time, but if you have Jane Slayre on your night stand, you’ll make sure you get it. Reading Jane Slayre made me feel as though I was reading a good book, a really, really good book. Somehow I got out of reading Jane Eyre in high school. Now I’ve read the way cooler version. And, this just might get me to read the Charlotte Bronte version anyway.

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