Book Review | Mommy Power by Sheila Schuller Coleman

Title: Mommy Power: Discovering Your Mommy Strength
Author: Sheila Schuller Coleman
Publish Date: 4/7/2010
Price: $14.99/$17.99
ISBN: 9780446545402
Pages: 176
About the Book:

Many women struggle with being mothers. The great joys of parenting are hindered by harsh self-doubt and a chronic lack of physical and emotional energy. In MOMMY POWER, Sheila Schuller Coleman helps women understand that while they really don’t have the power or strength to handle the demands of motherhood alone, they don’t have to. Mommy strength, Sheila says, comes from asking God to lend some of His, knowing He will never fail to provide. God will enable anyone who asks to become a powerful mother who loves strong, forgives strong, and models a strong faith.

My Thoughts:

I got a lot out of this book. It was an easy and fun read. All the chapters are short and have their own theme so you can read the book a little at a time. That is a great feature when you are busy chasing rugrats around all day. I was able to read a chapter here and a chapter there. All of what she had to say made sense to me, and I know what steps I can take to become a better mom. I would recommend this to all the Christian mommies and mommy to bes out there. The overall theme is to rely on God to become better mothers but she has many different ways to accomplish that. Having two boys and wanting two more kids (possibility of having 4 boys myself), I felt a connection with the author. She seems like an average American mother. She points out her own flaws and strengths. I love the book.
About the Author:
Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman is the executive director of ministries and missions of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Her column, “Ask Sheila,” is published monthly in Powerlines, a Crystal Cathedral publication reaching four hundred thousand readers. You can contact Sheila and read her column at

Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. No monetary compensation was involved. All the thoughts and feelings are all my own.


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