Book Review | Bullet Point by Peter Abrahams

Title: Bullet Point
Author: Peter Abrahams

Though I found out, after I received the book, that Peter Abrahams is the author of a number of other novels (including Reality Check and a series called the Echo Falls Mysteries), I had never read one of his books until I received a copy of Bullet Point from Harper Collins Teen. As many readers who have read my previous reviews know, I am a fan of suspense/mystery novels and I’m also a huge fan of contemporary Young Adult fiction. Bullet Point seem to intersect both of these areas of interest so I was hoping for an amazing reading experience.

Set in the United States in the present, this novel focuses on a teen named Wyatt. Wyatt lives with his mom, his recently unemployed (and abusive) husband and his half-sister. Wyatt knows that his father is in prison, that he went to prison before Wyatt was born and that his mother doesn’t like to talk about that period in her life. When Wyatt finds out that the athletics at this high school have been canceled due to cutbacks at the school linked to the national recession, he also learns from his soon-to-be-departing baseball coach that his father was a baseball player on the same school team and that his coach and his father had been friends.

In hopes of getting an athletic scholarship (and as a means of escaping his step-father, who goes ballistic when he sees a photo of Wyatt’s father given to Wyatt by his coach), Wyatt moves with his friend to a town at the other end of the state to live with his friend’s aunt. Though Wyatt can’t play baseball that season, it provides him with a fresh start. It also, inadvertently, moves him close to the prison where he believes that his father resides.

Wyatt’s life changes when he meets a girl named Greer whose father is in the same prison as Wyatt’s father. Wyatt ends of receiving phone calls from his father and he begins a search for the truth as he believes his father may be innocent of the murder for which he has been in prison for almost two decades.

This novel takes many twists and turns with the storyline about Wyatt and his father intermingling with the relationship between Wyatt and Greer. The plot gains momentum until the end of the novel, when it stops sharply, like a high-speed vehicle htting a tree.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel. The only thing I wish would have been different would have been the ending because, while I understand why Abrahams decided to take the route he did, I found it to be too abrupt. I think this novel will appeal to teens and I think it would be more appropriate for older teens because of the language and the violence that appears in the novel. I enjoyed the novel and will look into reading some of Abrahams’ other books. You can learn more about them at

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