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Today I would like to welcome Julee from Mommy’s Memorandum. I had a chance to learn more about her blog and here’s what she had to say…

Please tell me about yourself.

I have a background in sales and middle management. In 2007 I left my career to focus on the career I have most coveted…I’m a SAHM to six amazing, beautiful and brilliant kiddos!

I enjoy crafting (sewing, scrapbooking, crochet, anything CREATIVE!) cooking–baking (bread especially). I also have a passion for writing. In warmer months I love to camp, fish and play outside. Reading is enjoyable. I am fortunate to have a close relationship with my maternal grandmother and we spend A LOT of time together!

I LOVE, LOVE, Love Bon Jovi!

My community is important to me. I volunteer as a PTA President and also at a Community Co-op.

Please tell me about your blog.

My blog is Mommy’s Memorandum. It is centered on features of talented people and products. The features traditionally accompany a giveaway. I also write about the chaotic comedy of my life. It’s a work in progress!

How long have you been blogging?

Since May of 2008. Blogging was new to me and I didn’t really understand the concept. My posts were infrequent and I just couldn’t seem to find the time to get to it and post.
For 2010 I set the resolution to make time to do something I love…so I’ve been blogging since 2008–BUT I’ve been DEDICATED to bloggins since January 2010! 😉

How did you get started?

My first post was about Missy Higgins.I posted it for a One2One Network campaign.

In December 2009, I discoverd Etsy and saw some amazing things there. I thought to myself, “People need to know about this!” I shared this with my friend and she encouraged me to write about the talent behind the creations!

What kinds of products do you feature on your blog?

I really am passionate about hand-made. I think it takes an incredible person to tap into their talent and create products. There’s that fear factor and human instinct to wonder if it’s worthy of someone else. As a crafter myself, I am in awe of the people on Etsy or who have on-line storefronts.

I also feature other fun products…things that I love or that we use at our house.

What was your favourite giveaway?

Jinkies! This is a tough one because they have all been so different and personalized by their sponsors.

I wouldn’t play hostess to a product that wasn’t my favorite!

Who does your blog appeal to?

My blog is for everyone. There are features about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. There are posts about family and being a mom, a friend. It’s about life and taking chances!

What direction do you see your blog going in the future?

I like the direction my blog is going currently. I love the opportunity to interact with talented people. I’d like to continue on this path and make it bigger….tell more people about an etsy shop or a product..or that out of tragedy comes great things(like my post on Harvey Howard).
It’s the journey and I love where I’m going!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far with your blog?

Finding time to blog has truly been my challenge. My plate is full and my children and family come first.

I’m also technically challenged, but that’s a whole other can of worms!

What do you love about blogging?

I love writing. I love the process of creating and sharing my thoughts, my feelings, my life. I love the interaction with people and hearing their “comments”.

Do you have a blogging pet peeve?

Nope! Blogging is my safe handprints on the wall, crumbs in my bed, shoes on in the house…it’s awesome!

Do you have any advice for the readers entering your giveaway? newbie review bloggers?

My advice to those entering my giveaways is to thank the sponsor by visiting their site and utilize every opportunity to enter.

For newbie review bloggers–take chances. Believe in yourself and just go for it full throttle.

Tell me some of your favourite blogs that you read.

Simply Stacie…it was one of the first blogs I started reading!
One2Try, Trendy Treehouse, SAHM Reviews and Catch My Drift with Mama Snow…there are a ton more and my list continues to get longer!

How can people find you?

Mommy’s Memorandum and twitter @jonbonjovious

Contributing Author at: SAHM REVIEWS and Trendy Treehouse.


Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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