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Beachbody Review

When Stacie recently ran a giveaway for Tony Horton’s One on One (Volume 1 – “No Mercy”), I also had the opportunity to receive a review this dvd workout series. Brought to you by Beachbody, each dvd in the series focuses on a different part of the body. Information about the series can be found on the Beachbody website at: http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/extreme/tony_horton_one_on_one.do .

I have make regular exercise a part of life and I have been back at the gym for a few monthes so I thought it would be a great challenge to try out Tony’s workouts and see if they could help me increase my ability and my results in my healthy living journey.

When I received my set, I noticed that they were packaged in a rather unique way. There was a case around the dvds and the 13 discs were together in one case book-style with bindings at the end (on the website, they call it a dvd wallet but it reminds me of a book). I liked the fact that they were in one small box that would be easy to keep together in one place and that, on the opposite side facing each disc was a place for notes about your workouts.

There are 13 dvds in Volume 1 set and they are:

Disc 1: Plyo Legs
Disc 2: Power 90 Road Warrior
Disc 3: Killer Abs
Disc 4: Just Arms
Disc 5: Thirty Fifteen Routine
Disc 6: Fountain of Youth Yoga
Disc 7: Cardio 5-6 Plus
Disc 8: Mammoth UML
Disc 9: Bun Shaper
Disc 10: Medicine Ball Core Cardio
Disc 11: Recovery 4 Results
Disc 12: Diamond Delts
Disc 13: Holiday Horton

When I started working out with these dvds, I found them both engaging and challenging. I like Tony’s personality and his attitude that are conveyed throughout the dvds. I also liked the fact that you can mix and match different workouts to get a variety in your workouts and to ensure that you don’t overwork or strain any one part of your body. My favourite dvds were the workouts that focused on Just Arms (Disc 4) and Bum Shaper (Disc 9) as these are both problem areas for me and I also really enjoyed the Fountain of Youth Yoga (Disc 6).

Overall, I liked these dvds. While I won’t be using them exclusively (I still enjoy going to the gym), I appreciate that they provide me with a variety of workout options. I could also see someone who doesn’t have a gym membership or isn’t able to get out to the gym using this dvd set exclusively to get an amazing full-body workout!

You can buy the Volume 1 set of Tony Horton’s One on One dvds for $239.40 + shipping and handling at http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/extreme/tony_horton_one_on_one.do . You can also participate in a program where, for a set fee, you get new dvds each month (more information is available on the site).

Thanks to Beachbody for giving me the chance to try out these dvds and add another dimension to my exercise routine!

*I received no monetary compensation for my review. I received a sample of the product to use for my review but that, in no way, affected my opinion of the product. As with any exercise program, these dvds direct that you should “Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.”*


Susan is married and lives in Ontario, Canada. She is loves to read, work out, spend time with her family and try new things!

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