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Sites to List Your Giveaways

I’ve been asked before about where I advertise my giveaways so I wanted to do a post about the best sites to list your giveaways for free. I have a little routine I go through in the mornings where I list the giveaways of the previous day. I find if you do it daily, then it isn’t a big job rather than waiting a full week and being stressed out because there is so many darn giveaways to list. I have tried that in the past and it just doesn’t work for me so daily it is!

The sites I visit daily to list my giveaways are Online Sweepstakes, Contest Parade and Mom Giveaways. I email my giveaways into Prizeatron, Just a Moms Take on Things and Five Minutes for Moms. Next comes the Linkys. I try to email subscribe to the blogs that host Linkys where you can list your giveaways. That way it comes directly to my email and I don’t miss out. I don’t always check my Google Reader everyday and prefer email subscribing anyways. On the Linkys, I usually choose one giveaway to list rather than list them all as it just saves me time. I know some people list all their giveaways on Linkys but I don’t.

So here is the list that I have so far for spots to list your giveaways. If you have anymore to add, please let me know. I will include a link to this post on my left sidebar so it is readily available when you want to find spots to list your giveaways!! Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

Sites to List Your Giveaways

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