Q & A with Gabrielle Bernstein ADD MORE ~ing TO YOUR LIFE

Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of ADD MORE ing TO YOUR LIFE: A Hip Guide to Happiness

Question: Why are you qualified to write this book and guide people to happiness?

Gabrielle: I’ve been on the speaking circuit since 2004 sharing an empowering message with gen xers and y’s. In 2005 I shifted gears personally and professionally. I underwent a complete transformation by applying many spiritual/self-help principles to my own life. I went from being a fast-paced New York City entrepreneur to become a metaphysics junky. I used affirmations, physical activity and visualization meditation to transform my perception of my life and myself. At which point, I shut down my public relations business (that I’d started at twenty-one) and dedicated my career to being a life-coach and motivational speaker. Since 2005 I’ve coached hundreds of people with my method, the ~ing Equation (rethinking+ moving + receiving x 30 days = changing.) Practicing this equation daily in my own life allows me to speak on this topic with authority. The only reason that I can stand behind my methods is because I practice them daily. My mission is to empower my generation to live with ease and achieve their highest potential.

Q: What is ~ing

G: ~ing stands for inner guidance. ~ing is your intuitive sense and your untapped inspiration.

Q: Explain the ~ing Equation

G: Designed to bulldoze negative thought patterns and create personal change through positive affirmations, physical activity, and visualization meditations, the ~ing Equation guides the reader to happiness in 30 days. The ~ing Equation is a proven method of sharpening one’s intuitive senses and activating untapped inspirations.

Q: What is the journey of the book?

G: Chapter One through Six are all about clearing space to receive inner guidance. Chapters Seven through Twelve guide readers to turn their desires into form.

Q: Why thirty days?

G: The ing Equation creates neural reconditioning activates the readers right brain to receive inspiration and inner guidance.
Repetition strengthens the neural pathways in your brain causing new thoughts and visions to become real.

Q: Why do people need to learn tools for happiness?

G: Today people have more obstacles than ever. It’s imperative that they be armed with fun tools for bulldozing fear and negative thought patterns in order to live their lives to the fullest. Fear is the number one reason people are not happy. Fear blocks people from their ability to play big in all areas of life.

Q: What makes this book different from other self-help books?
G: My book is the launchpad for a new conversation. My generation has come to terms with the fact that cosmos and manolos don’t equal happy. Therefore I’ve created the HIP GUIDE to happiness. Changing your life doesn’t have to be hard, in fact it can be fun. Armed with the right toolsany gen xer or y can make major life changes in a timeframe that is up to speed with now mentality.

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